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Carpet Cleaning The Woodlands TX INC has trained professionals for superior rug cleaning. We not only ensure they are fully trained. We test them thoroughly. This makes sure that they will provide you with the best service. We also ensure that they will protect your floor coverings. Using rug steam cleaning your rugs undergoes the same gentle yet precise treatment that carpets go through. By the time we leave your home, your decorative floor covering will glow with its original colors. And furthermore our rug cleaning is only done with green and environmentally safe products.

Do you need the best Area Rug Cleaners? Each area of your house is important to you and shows a part of your personality. We know you picked your rugs for each area with much thought. That is why our professionals will do rug cleaning with the same care you took to pick them. We will leave them to continue to add the most vibrant colors to your rooms.

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Rug Cleaning Given Special Treatment

Our rug cleaning experts clean all types of rugs. These include Persian, wool, and Oriental, among others. Each rug is handled differently based on the type of material it is made from. Color is something else we consider in our cleaning. We are extremely careful so colors don’t bleed. Some of these products use organically generated dyes that would be damaged by harsh chemicals. That is why we will not dip your expensive rugs in this type of material.

We give special treatment for oriental rugs. We emphasize that your priceless oriental rugs are going to be treated with the best of care. We understand that they need a gentle and effective touch and we are prepared. We will first carry out a detailed analysis. This will reveal what needs to be done for your rugs before even attempting a cleaning. You will be able to say goodbye to spills, spots and ground in dirt.

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